Monday, 27 July 2009

Best Of Manchester Exhibition - Urbis

The Best of Manchester Awards were held last Thursday night at Urbis. Max Moran who I work with on the club nights, web site and now record label (along with Dan Market) won the music award which was great. The opening of the exhibition went well and is now open until the 20th September.

There are limited edition Hit Club posters free in our display on the plinth in front of the Hit Club logo, they hadn't been put there when this photo was taken.

The night also served as the launch for the Hit Club Records visual identity. The logo can be seen above. I also designed a set of 4 posters 1 advertising Hit Club and 3 advertising bands we are going to release soon. The Egyptian Hip Hop poster can be seen in a previous post.

The photo above was taken just before we cleared away the ladder, box and other posters on the floor.

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