Saturday, 25 July 2009

Campari Soda Bottle - Another Classic

After posting the piece about the brilliantly designed wrapper I found at my friends house I decided to try and find more examples of where graphic design doesn't need updating and gives off an sense of elegance. One example I found was the Campari Soda bottle designed by Fortunato Depero. I really like the fact that print wasn't used instead sculpted into the bottle was the information needed. Also the textured surface has more importance than just grip. The tactile element on the bottle also leaves an impression on the user distinguishing it from other bottles of drink.

Depero was primarily an artist involved in the Futurist movement however designed this bottle for Campari in 1932.


  1. did you know that the drink's colour is from the blood of lice?
    I read that a few years ago in a newspaper. It really 'impressed' me...

    but you're right; the design is really great! :)

  2. oh oh and I think I have another nice old and wonderful package example for you! Do you know the sweets called 'nappo' ?
    (try and search in google, I'm afraid there's no possibility to post pictures as a comment, too)

  3. The red color originally came from cochineal dye, but since 2006 artificial coloring has replaced cochineal dye in Campari.