Sunday, 30 August 2009

Francois-Marie Banier for DvF

My girlfriend recently showed me one from this series of adverts in a magazine, she is not normally one to be absorbed by advertising however this advert was different. Soon I was staring at the page as well. These pieces were created by Francois - Marie Banier for Diane Von Furstenberg. Banier shot the images and then had them printed on a large scale and painted, wrote and drew all over them, the results are quite incredible. The elegance of the model Natalia Vodianova is highlighted with the black and white photography and then the vibrancy of the clothing DvF creates is captured in the use of inks and colours.

Apart from the visual element of the adverts I also like the concept behind the work. It evokes and attitude and stands out from other advertisements in a magazine. It has its own artistic credibility which I think is very important in design work and advertising.

You can see more about the whole series on the web site The site is well worth looking at.

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