Monday, 10 August 2009

Herbert Spencer - Typographica

I recently went to the Design Museum and saw Super Contemporary. I wasn't sure what to expect as I had read the press surrounding the exhibition and it heavily concentrated on the work that had been specifically created for the exhibition. This was a great part of the exhibition, Paul Smiths rabbit bin and the Lamp Post Chandelier by Thomas Heatherwick were particular highlights, however what I found brilliant about it was discovering the creative history of London. All the people, studios and work that have come out of the city, I'm sure my posts will soon feature some of the people I read about at the exhibition.

One of the amazing things I found was Typographica magazine by Herbert Spencer. There was one issue on display which featured a sliver screen print onto black colourplan paper of TYPOGRAPHICA running down the side. One couldn't flick through it which was a shame however the cover was brilliant enough. Since I have looked up more about the magazine and although it is not that well documented, that I have found on the internet I did find this cover. It has a confused Swiss style about it which I find really interesting and cuts up and rearranges typography to great effect. It makes the viewer look closely at the cover to see what is going on and it's then one realizes that all the text on the cover is printed backwards. It is experimental and bold and really stood out to me.

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