Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Yusaku Kamekura

I was recently look at the new project from Tony Brook and Adrian Shaughnessy called Unit Editions. It's a progressive publishing company that specialises in affordable books about Graphic Design and the Visual Arts, which sounds amazing.

When I was on their new web site I found a link to their flicker which had images from the book "The Graphic Design of Yusaku Kamekura". The images are incredible, the work is so simple yet so striking. I have attached 2 images above however it is well worth looking up more. Even in black and white each symbol seems to have a three dimensional quality with depth and detail. It reminded me that good design doesn't have to be over complicated with colour and composition to be striking, bold and engaging.

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  1. Yes, Yusaku Kamekura's work is quite incredible!